RQ-20A Puma AE

Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) 31 Март 2015, 17:12

The Puma™ AE (All Environment) is a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) designed for land based and maritime operations. Capable of landing in the water or on land, the Puma AE empowers the operator with an operational flexibility never before available in the small UAS class.

The Puma AE is durable with a reinforced fuselage construction, man portable for ease of mobility and requires no auxiliary equipment for launch or recovery operations. The system is quiet to avoid detection and operates autonomously, providing persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting data (ISRT).
The Puma AE delivers 3.5+ hours of flight endurance, with versatile smart battery options to support diverse mission requirements. Its powerful propulsion system and aerodynamic design make it efficient and easy to launch, especially in high altitudes and hotter climates. A plug and play power adapter is provided for easy integration of future extended endurance options, such as, solar and fuel cell solutions.
It carries both an electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) camera plus illuminator on a lightweight mechanical gimbaled payload, allowing the operator to keep “eyes on target.” For increased payload capacity, an optional under wing Transit Bay is available for easy integration of 3rd party payloads such as communications relay, geo locations, or laser marker to meet the diverse needs of military or civilian applications.

The precision navigation system with secondary GPS provides greater positional accuracy and reliability of the Puma AE. The UAV is operated from AeroVironment’s battle proven ground control station (GCS) with a communications range of 15 km. The GCS allows the operator to control the aircraft manually or program it for GPS-based autonomous navigation. AeroVironment’s common GCS is compatibility with the Raven, Wasp and Shrike UAS platforms.

Key Features

– All Environment - Fully Waterproof
– 3.5+ Hour Flight Endurance
– Smart Battery options to support diverse  missions
– Gimbaled EO & IR Payload
– Increased Payload Capacity with optional under wing Transit Bay
– Powerful and Efficient Propulsion System
– Precision Navigation System with Secondary GPS
– Plug and Play Secondary Power Adapter
– Reinforced Fuselage for Improved Durability